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Impact Logo Products is the company to help your brand make an impact!   


Impact Logo Products specializes in taking your ideas and helping to transform them into something special. 

From eye-catching apparel designs and decoration, to show-stopping custom designed swag, to putting them all together in a themed kit, Impact Logo Products knows how to make your company’s identity have IMPACT!

Our world class creative services team can handle any sized project that you can imagine. From brand development & logo design, to product sourcing, to marketing strategy, to the moment your customers or employees receive the finished product.

What makes a person, product, or brand have IMPACT?  

It is the point when the brand is identified by any given genre, industry, or cause that the symbol represents. It may be different for different people, but there are always brand that make an IMPACT. 

That is our #1 goal at Impact Logo Products, to make your brand become IMPACTful in your particular industry, market, and target audience. All achieved through the power of branded solutions.

Impact Logo Products stands out from every other promotional company by our dedication to finding promotional solutions that are the best fit for our clients.  We aren’t going to claim that we are the place to come to find the cheapest logo'd coffee mug. We will however match the most effective coffee mug based on your company’s identity, culture, and marketing objectives while staying within your budget.

In addition to promotional answers to your company’s marketing objectives, Impact Logo Products can become a trusted Business Solutions Partner by providing value added products and services. 

Need a partner to help you with employee awards & recognition programs?  We are considered by many to be an industry leader in this area.  

So, give us a call today and we’ll show you how we can help your company’s brand make an IMPACT!

  • Custom Branded Apparel & Headwear,

  • Uniform Programs,

  • E-commerce & Online Stores,

  • Employee Recognition & Incentive Programs,

  • Health & Wellness Incentive Programs,

  • Employee Retention Programs,

  • New Customer Acquisition Programs,

  • Customer Retention Programs,

  • Fulfillment,

  • Art & Creative Services,

  • Sales & Marketing Materials,

  • Trade Show Exhibitor Designs & Displays,

  • Tradeshow Attendee Marketing,

  • Signage & Inflatables.


We provide branded solutions for many industry types:


Financial Services Industry

Impact Logo Products specializes in the financial services and banking industries. Utilize branded solutions for:    

•Promotional signage   •Customer acquisition programs and campaigns   •Corporate apparel •Customer rewards   •Digital marketing   •Event giveaways   •Marketing collateral   •Executive gifts   •Human Resources programs        

Oil and Gas Industry

Impact Logo Products understands the uniqueness of the Oil and Gas Industry. Global deliveries, short deadlines, quality products that last, FR uniforms, etc.    

•Promotional signage   •Customer acquisition programs and campaigns   •Customer Recognition   •Event giveaways   •Marketing collateral   •Executive gifts   •Safety Incentive programs    •Service Award Programs   •Protective apparel & eyewear   •ANSI-approved safety wear   •Corporate apparel   •Work site signage      

Construction Industry

Impact Logo Products gives the construction industry branded power that will build a following that lasts.    

•Safety program supplies   •Protective apparel & eyewear   •ANSI-approved safety wear   •Corporate apparel   •Tools & accessories   •Work site signage    

Education Industry    

Impact Logo Products is the place for your team to be seen & heard about.    

•Retail boutique merchandise   •Spirit wear   •Athletic wear   •Promotional stickers   •Educational-themed promotions   •Student uniforms   •Recruiting collateral   •Mobile Tech   •Backsacks, duffels & totes   •Campus signage      

Transportation Industry

Hit the road with promotional products by the truckload! Impact Logo Products drives your brand to the next level and keeps it moving in a new direction.    

•Safety Programs   •Awards & recognition programs   •Headwear   •Mobile Tech   •Sales collateral   •Custom Die Cast Collectibles   •Transportation-themed promotions   •Human Resources programs      

Healthcare Industry

Impact Logo Products has the right Rx to impress patients, medical staff, and administrators. Feel better about your branding with any of the following:

•Scrubs •Safety programs   •Campus signage   •Exam room signage   •Medical-themed promotions   •Marketing collateral   •Writing instruments   •Executive gifts   •Patient “thank you” programs   •Staff apparel   •Bags & Totes   •Wall mural graphics •Digital Rewards & Incentives   •Awards & Recognition   •Human Resources programs      

Automotive Industry

Put your dealership in the fast lane! Turbo charged promotional ideas and campaigns that will have your customers and employees waving the checkered flag to your success. Get your staff looking like the winners they are with top brands of business apparel.    

•Staff uniform apparel   •Dealership signage   •Award & Recognition   •Human Resources programs   •Executive gifts   •Customer Acquisition programs   •After The Sale Thank You programs   •Event giveaways   •Event sponsorship products   •Recruitment programs   •Brand Reinforcement apparel & headwear   •Video Production/Editing for web-ready purposes      

Manufacturing Industry

Impact Logo Products will put your business on the assembly line to success. No fabricators here, just red hot ideas that spark brand awareness that can weld your products and customers together.    

•Safety programs   •Employee uniforms   •Workplace signage & banners   •HR awareness programs   •Awards & recognition programs   •Trade show booth displays   •Custom packaging  

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